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The Water Monitoring Association (WMA) represents the interests of companies involved in all aspects of water monitoring.

It was formed in mid 2007 to influence the development of standards, equipment, personnel and applications that affect qualitative and quantitative water monitoring.

The objectives of the Association are to;

    provide an independent technical resource for members and their clients;

    influence appropriate industry standards, codes, safety procedures and operating principles;

    encourage the professional development and a high level of ethical conduct of industry personnel;

    seek co-operative endeavours with other professional organisations, institutions and regulatory bodies, nationally and internationally.

Membership is open to any company or individual that has an interest in the monitoring of water and related fields.

WMA provides articles for leading industrial magazines variety of topics related to this market sector.
Development of British Standards is a key function for the association and WMA representatives attend the BSI EH3/6 management committee. We will be sending representatives to all relevant European (CEN) and International (ISO) working groups assisting in the development of new standards.
The Associationís web site consists of public and memberís areas and will be expanded to include relevant guidance and support to members and their clients.

WMA offices are based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, UK. The administration and technical support are contactable at any time and our aim is to answer questions within an eight hours time scale. We have fully equipped conference and training rooms situated within our offices, these rooms are available for memberís use at no charge, subject to availability, charge is only made for lunches if required.

The costs of membership is £490.00* per annum with a one off £150.00* joining fee. All prices are excluding VAT. Membership is from 1st August to the 31st July each year, if a member joins during the year the membership fee is calculated on a pro-rata basis.

*There is a 10% discount for payment within 30days. Credit cards accepted

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